Sunday, March 6, 2011

Are Japanese Groping Real

What does it mean to arrive at 4 am in Bangkok?
means head straight Backpakers of the area and enjoy the show: lights flashing blue and pink, western drunk, crazed American, Thai and German smoked confused, whores, transvestites (many), street vendors of noodles, bored tuk tuk (taxi), dogs, cats and rats (many), all on the road, mixed together, moving, dancing, drinking, laughing, running, sitting at a table or standing in the street, while music from large speakers is thrown on people. Looking for a hostel by step through the notes of Bob Marley, Elvil Presley and Oasis. What a mess!
Bangkok and 'giant with personality', zozzissima, very poor, so many people living on the streets, polluted, and people 'intolerant against the tourists who pay for sex and get drunk fast and vulgar. It has a highly developed culinary culture, at every corner there is' someone who cooks and sells the questionable hygiene, but we fly over in the meantime I'm tired of eating rice and noodles and pizza that makes me dream my mother. Temples and golden Buddhas, giant, lavish and rich. The smell of incense mingles with the smell of fried cakes, but the dirt that chokes the city 'almost takes away the appetite, despite the huge amount' of gold raised by his temples. The Thais are funny as a bout of meningitis, the clerk to the waiter, the receptionist to pass on information which we ask, it seems that everyone would rather be anywhere else than working and having to talk to you, maybe 'cause I'm tired of the tourists, perhaps because' Juan and I are one category of tourists that can not be sold or 'hoes it' precious stones, perhaps because 'we are not old cinquatenni with the belly and your wallet open like an accordion, maybe 'cause I'm done so'. Let
Bang Kok is not far to go in Ayutthaya, incredible village a few kilometers from the capital, boasts attractive ruins of ancient temples, the face of a Buddha carved into the roots of a tree, elephants, a floating market and a theater in the water. Arriving at the train station we leave our bags at the store, perhaps railroad police, where uometti closed in hot sweaty uniforms, unbuttoned, and flabby borrosa move in a warm twilight. Rent a bike, I choose a red bike with a basket of the same color, gray Juan takes a normal bike, and ride below 40 degrees and 90% humidity ', are 11 and then start riding to sweat, heat and 'unbearable, to kill the effort began to sing aloud the familiar theme: Where are you going beauty by bike, we pass a group of Japanese girl-skinned and broad straw hats who diligently in line to be absolutely certain to 3 kilometers per hour ringing and greet you with a "Hola Chicas," the smiling Japanese girl shocked. After the visits at times and ruins, we fall in the water theater. A journey of bamboo 'leads us to the entrance, proximity of water and shade are already 'refreshment. In front of us there is a small lake, on a platform to a depth of two fingers ', the actors enact their work, strictly in Thai, it seems that touching her walk on water, delicious food, the lake and' full of catfish that plunge to the surface each piece of bread launched, and so 'lying in the shade of a roof of bamboo', picking delicious food, we spend more hours' heat of the day. Up to 4 stay behind cover, then a last ride through the city 'and then return to the train station, waiting for nine and go to northern Thailand: Chang Mai.
The north of Thailand and the 'more' cool, and 'more' green, you can breathe another energy and also the people seem in a bit more 'friendly. I enrolled in a cooking class with the confidence that will not learn 'thing, but with the aim to have fun and eat as much, and so' was, Juan, however, goes to climb, trying to persuade me to go with him, but burst under the sun, in the mountains, with a string attached to a belt, and climb a rock wall perpendicular to the ground I'm not enticed, I prefer to eat in the shade of a gazebo! Chang Mai also offers many excursions to the nearby mountains for hiking, and visits to villages, inhabited by tribes' isolated, with even age-old traditions, such as women with long necks. I do not want to do neither, the first 'cause I hate walking, I hate to sweat and walking uphill at 40 degrees for two days (my element 'of water!), and the second' cause from what he was offered the trip seemed to take you to a human zoo, where these villages are on the top of the mountain without electricity ', with their traditions, (and vox populi says they are also quite "unwelcoming" towards tourists),' cause I have to go west with my intrusive camera bother? if they are on the top of the mountain, knowing the world outside, 'cause I have to go by bus with 50 other Westerners to take pictures as if they are strange animals? nor do I think that as' doing contributes to the livelihood of the village itself because the money spent on this ridiculous tour go to enrich the agencies. So 'who spent four days in Chang Mai cooking, eating and riding, as the best way to get around and' here, too, by bike, rigorasamente RED!


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