Sunday, March 6, 2011

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The program was Cerasolo the race, but because of the beautiful day I already decided that I would Overview on the Mexico meeting in the bar, mates all go to Cerasolo, Valerio teases me telling me to go up in Carpegna, which made a lot of snow, soon discarded in mind the the overview but when we parted after a few meters I've changed my mind and I thought, why not go really on Hermitage run view the beautiful day?
said that, I'll be back and street delivery.

arrivals, departures from the center of Villagrande Eire climb up and then I continued on the track x to the end of the chairlift, Fantastic training, high temperature, it was to stay all day with the sun Simel is a shame to leave.

the end I had a wonderful morning, after 19 km yesterday today other 21 KM with D + 840 , I made the right choice, even my friends would have done the same, ste days do not happen often, hello to everyone.


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