Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can You Masterbate With Tissues?

♥ ♥ Dedicated to the women of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Dedicato alle donne

Tieni sempre presente che la pelle fa le rughe,
i capelli diventano bianchi,
i giorni si trasformano in anni.

Però ciò che è importante non cambia;
la tua forza e la tua convinzione non hanno età.
Your spirit is the glue of any spider.

Behind every finish line is a line of departure.
Behind every success is a `c` another disappointment.

long as you're alive, feel alive.
If you miss what you were doing, go do it.
not live on yellowed photos ...
insist even if they expect dropouts.

not let it rust the iron in you.
Make sure that instead of compassion, take you over.

When the years because
you can not run, walk fast.
When you can not walk fast, walk. When
you can walk, use the stick.
Pero `Never hold!

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

♥ Best wishes to all women ... Happy March 8 from books and poems ♥


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