Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chetna Prithviraj Minneapolis

Strictly Mint Green Red

The last Thai village that hosts us and 'Chang Kong, Mekong caresses him and after a hearty dinner in front of this backdrop of water and mountains, happy and peaceful we retire to our room. My beautiful passes from sleep to 5 minutes, I read serene until 11 pm the bar near the hostel comes alive. This village, which until a few hours before seemed inhabited by five people, exploded in an orgy of music: karaoke! Seeking comfort in the words of Alexander Dumas, but the volume was too high, the singers who played various songs were getting worse as time went by and I suppose also in direct proportion to drink, I was also trying to figure out when a song ended and he began another, to enjoy an oasis of a few seconds of silence, but nothing seemed to be a long and eternal canzonaccia tai, screaming, worn, scratched and completely drunk. Blessed Juan went to sleep. Desperately Seeking sleep under my eyelids, but I will have to 'wait until the bar closes.
a deep breath and finally Laos, entering the Mekong. Two days in a slow boat, really "slow", but offering a speccatocolo incredible, and it 's funny to meet people.
Laos and 'beautiful, poor and dignified, full of waterfalls, rivers and lakes, most of its streets are not paved and traveling the country is quite dangerous as the bus conductors are as old as Methuselah and repairing crazy. During one of the many and uncomfortable bus journeys, sitting in the first seat, I was breathless watching a azzardatissima operation of the bus, I looked incredulous eyes support or confirmation to what I was experiencing, and find him sitting in a German boy beyond 'the corridor, he thrilled to witness what was happening, wide-eyed looks at me in disbelief and says: "Better to continue reading ..". Anyway
and Laos' until now, the country that I and 'most liked'. Two villages were particularly moved me: Vang Vieng and Tat Lo.
Vang Vieng and 'a painting. Gentle mountains that are reflected in the river, waterfalls and caves, of course, 'built for westerners, and although tourism enchanted me. All the restaurants have tables and chairs, but comfortable sofa ', you live relaxed, eat lying down, you go all day at the river, swimming and tubing ago.
What 'the tubing? A shop rents inner tubes for trucks (tube), they make you leave all your stuff with them, and put you in costume on a tuk tuk which brings you to 5 km from the village center. Li 'throws you into the water and transported by the current returns to the center. During the descent to the valley, from the bars lining the river bank, young indigenous pull a string with a plastic bottle attached to the end 'and once caught you drag to the bar itself, where music, drinks, water slides , trampoline etc. waiting for you. Drinking, dancing, he dives into the Trapolino, chat, and then those who want to resume your tube, and thrown back into the water, until the next bar. We set out at 8 and we can not lose until the end, but it 's been difficult, since the collective delirium. It 'fun and at least once in your life needs to be done, though it may seem a bit' dangerous since the Nordic alcohool themselves to death and there is' no control or no security, so if you were drowning and your friends if not drunk realize it, you die. They say that every year die by a tubing .. for me they are also seen as a few are reduced!
The other village and 'Tat Lo. Tat Lo and 'poor little lost in the dusty nothing. Here too, large waterfalls and pools natural mint green, people and 'very very very poor, at dusk and dawn the inhabitants go to the river, little fire light up quickly, and take a bath. Even the elephants are taken every morning at 5 am the river for their daily bath after a day of work. Pigs, monks, goats, roosters, chickens, dogs and cats, all living together in this small micro cosmos made of a simple life with little electricity 'and few Westerners in the area. Peace and silence. I forgot .. The monks also blessed me! Maybe bring good!


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