Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Course 2011 - A day in the gym

The course is proceeding with the first gym where they were taught the basics needed to start moving between ropes, carabiners.

's just a taste that lasted all day Saturday in our gym Renaro certainly not helped by the particularly cold and wet day and the blue sky that rarely was the terminus of the dense, gray clouds.

The groups of students took turns in a kind of "circuit training" consists of a series of ascents and descents (not very long), accompanied by several splits and transom, lovingly (so to speak) followed by instructors and assistant instructors who have labored trying to convey their undoubted experience and few but clear messages:

safety first and also the exact repetition of the technical maneuvers that should help are not in dangerous situations.

Tomorrow we will go to the cave (actually due to rain we did not go but that's another story) to the Pit Tunnel.

the next.


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