Monday, March 14, 2011

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Yesterday morning jog in the company of comrades, it is so much so that I do not run together, do not match my training with them, but every now and fortunately there is a hole, find the usual place, the Tavollo, starting at 8.30 for me is a little delay in bringing, as I'm going to do 30/40 km.

He decides to leave home around 7:30, after I had rested half an hour at the bar, breakfast and reading, then giving birth, I calculated at around 2 minutes to do and in fact I am the first to 'appointment, after about 9 km with a little uphill.

When they see me coming you all laugh, as if I un'extraterrestre, perhaps in addition to black will always be my camel bag to make them laugh, but do not understand that we must take a long behind a drink and some clothing, however, no more talk we go.

addition to me, Sergio is going to stretch today, then you decide to go on to Granarola Siligata and then to the group until there is solid, but now it's time to separate, in fact we are just Sergio and myself, the other down to the house while we go on to of Focara.

Today we take it easy, unfortunately it runs only on asphalt, but for once he grits his teeth, passed Casteldimezzo decide to enter into the Vallugola Golf Club, I thought it would be very nice to spend all 'inside the April 17 at the TA , Sergio knows that since the owner is the right time to ask, so it does not cost anything.

Mission accomplished, I did not need many words, the friendly proprietor immediately accepted our proposal, then we watched the path to do, I must say that it is a fantastic oasis after through the Golf Club, before going out we will enjoy a quick refreshment.

Now there are a few miles, after Gabicce Monte greets you, he goes home I will go down and continue on the beach, not 40 but 35 km I managed to do it, with a D + 870 , last longish first dell'Ultrabericus on Saturday, the beauty is that they are not so tired, in practice they are around 4 hours that are satisfied and confident that the goal is reached, finish without too much trouble, we'll see a Greetings to all, that the race is with you


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