Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why #12 Alabama Football


this morning checking the various races I ran on 50 of Romagna, is a race that I have done, where I also took a blow, why do not adequately trained, but since I liked it, why not do it again? then I see the logo on the side of the Triptych and I think why not try, is so blessed Passatore 100, I'll do it sooner or later, so I decided that the response will be after completing 65 KM dell'ULTRABERICUS .

As you know, so the asphalt does not digest, but outside of the Marathon Lamone, the other two have moved the location, with lots of uphill and this is the reason for my support, my only concern is to have the week after the Passatore Marauder's Trail, 70 km really hard, I do not know if I will recover, I'll think about it.

For the moment we think March 19, in Vicenza, then ended the trouble I'll see what I say my body and my head, I am confident, as I said, I am sure This year is the right one, we'll see, hello to everyone.


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